In order a woman to conceive a girl, the number of her age should be in contrast to the number of the month she conceived .

I mean : An even number of age and an odd number of the month of conception or else an odd number of age and an even number of the month of conception

In case someone prefer to have a boy, the two numbers should be in full harmony with each other.That is to say : An even number of the age of the woman, an even the number of the month of conception or an odd number of the age of the age of the woman and an odd number of the month of conception.

Odd months are the following:







Even months are the following:








An even age is considered that of which the number devided into 2 gives us a precise result.

In addition you should pay great attention to your calculations in some specific cases.These cases are the following :

1.The end of each month :That is to say,if a conception occurs after 12 midnight and on the last day of the month, then just because that is considered the dawn of the next day and outhat day the change of month occurs, you should pay close attention to the number of the month you will calculate.

Therefore,you'd better start your efforts on the second of each month and end them on the 28th, so as not to make mistakes.

2.It is necessary to pay much attention in case the month sekected is the month of your birthday, because the age is to change.

For example : If your birthday is on the 6th of October and you are 27 years of age, then in 2007, after the birthday the number of age changes and you will be 28 years of age. For this reason i advise you not to have sex four days before your birthdat and then start you efforts again next month.

Before being analyze the subject of numerology , I would like to tell you an incident that happened to me when I was 19 years old at Sounion . Always fascinated with the sunset and I felt great happiness whenever I had the chance to enjoy it.

I went one afternoon to the Temple of Poseidon , and enjoy the sunset. My gaze lingering in beautiful scenery and contemplating with awe as always, that the same rocks that sit , how much and how Unparalleled my ancestors walked .

I looked at the serene sea and remembered it for millions of years people believed that the earth is flat. This upset when built sailboats, known and understood that to appear last mast on departure and the first to return , so the Earth is round . You see how simple way to understand the truth about the roundness of our planet.

Looking at the sun sinking into the liquid element, giving it the red color, with hints of iris , draw the clouds , I thought that you can watch the movement of the earth pressing its soil . So simple and easy , because if the earth goes around the sun , so why look at the sun descends to the sea ? There and watch the sea "Earth" to mount and cover the sun?